Shakib stated that the dressing room is tidy and organized

Shakib stated that the dressing room is tidy and organized

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan has warned his players not to be enthralled in the names of their opponents as they prepare for their clash with Afghanistan in a two-match series opener that will be played at Sylhet International Stadium. Sylhet International Stadium on July 14.

The host, They have won Nine T20I and have won six of them. This makes their team the most popular. Bangladesh can take comfort from their record of having successfully beaten England during the 3-match T20I series played at home, after which they followed it up with a 2-1 victory against Ireland.

“We do not think of one person and are not dependent on a specific bowler or batsman. We want to play together and prevail. We’d like to see this kind of focus,” Shakib told reporters ahead of the first game in Sylhet on Thursday.

“We haven’t spoken about the name of a particular cricketer, nor do we plan to think about it. Each person will be prepared individually, taking into consideration the kind of difficulties they’ll have to be facing. 

It’s not something we must explain. Everyone who enters a scenario will have to play very well. When it comes to T20, the game’s momentum is crucial in that we get the series started since, for us, how you start your game is crucial.” the coach said.

“I believe we perform well together at the time when we’re not focused on our opponent when we’re playing with an open heart and contemplate ways to increase our performance by ten to 20 percent by the point that we are performing. 

Considering the conditions and our opponents, it is easy to get anxious and not do that. The less we think about that, is better for us.” the coach said, adding that the team is well-prepared for any rainy day games and is prepared to tackle any challenge that might come at them.

“From coach to me, the instruction is to be prepared for anything. The game could be delayed because, at any moment, there could be rain. It could be 5 overs, 10 overs, 15-18 overs, or even 20 overs. 

We must be prepared for that. We’ll know the number of overs it will take ahead of the toss and will try to form a squad accordingly.” He said.

“We don’t consider the conditions since both teams are the same. I think we have an effective team. We don’t need to exploit the situation. 

We’ve got an experienced team who can compete against every team after adjusting to the conditions. The team should be ready for any kind of playing and play well,” he said.

“We did not talk much regarding the pitch. Coach and I may have talked about it, but other than the fact that I’m not sure of the number of cricketers who played near the wickets. 

Afghanistan is a mighty team, and if we consider the World Cup and Asia Cup into consideration, I think that this is an excellent opportunity to take on them and get to know them better.” He added.

Shakib said the Tamim resignation saga didn’t affect the stability of the locker room.”Look at the outside, and you could be thinking a variety of things, but in the dressing room, we never were there a feeling that we were uneasy or were in that circumstance at the moment,” 

Shakib said when a reporter asked if the dressing room experienced any sort of apathy following everything that happened in the past week after Tamim’s final show was performed.

“I believe the environment is great all of every day. You’ll likely consider the conditions in the dressing area. It’s not like it’s a good idea to let the environment within the locker room will change by one loss or win. It is our goal always to be the most of our time each day,” he said.

“I do not know my goals. I’m going to try my best to be involved in the most I can until the World Cup, and only after I have a plan for the next steps,” he concluded, trying to make clear what he thinks about his present career.

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