Rashid’s attention is entirely fixated on the 2024 T20 World Cup

Without a doubt, Rashid’s attention is entirely fixated on the 2024 T20 World Cup. 

Afghanistan captain Rashid Khan said the team had set goals for their next T20 World Cup. Before the T20 match with Bangladesh, Bangladesh ACB chief selector Asadullah Khan has told Cricbuzz that the selector’s panel has begun to take an examination of all players before deciding on their team for the forthcoming T20 World Cup that is set to be held to take place in the USA as well as West Indies in 2024.

Rashid expressed the same views before the start of the first T20I. “Well, it’s something I’ve worked on since I took over the leadership I have and would like to accomplish for the coming World Cup. 

We focus on one game at a time. It’s all about how we will be participating in the following World Cup, and that has already been initiated,” Rashid told reporters in Sylhet on the evening of Thursday.

“At this point, we have between 22 and 23 members in our group. We mix it up to determine what works best for our team. We provide all the chances to the team, and they can provide. We’re having an enjoyable time, but when we have a plan to complete, we’ll be prepared to play in this World Cup.

Rashid has also stated that he doesn’t want teammates to be concerned about the final result and to concentrate on the process each time. “I don’t focus on the outcome,” he said. “And this is quite obvious to the team. 

Please do not put it in your favor to be victorious in the game. The key is preparing and putting your all into the pitch, the field, bowling, or batting.

Rashid thinks it’s about time Afghanistan’s batsmen start working, particularly with the players gaining experience by playing globally. “That’s the most important thing, and we must improve at this also,” he pointed out.

“We have had plenty of time playing international cricket. We’ve got those abilities and abilities. However, it’s to perform in bat and also in batting.

“It they’re playing more cricket. And in particular, around the world, they have leagues. Gurbaz played around, and Ibrahim played around. Playing around and gaining the experience needed to improve every day is good. 

Therefore, I hope that in the next two, three, or four-five years, we will meet that section’s requirements.

Rashid has also praised Noor Ahmed and said his inclusion in the team could benefit Afghanistan, particularly when they require a third spinner for their XI. “Noor is an excellent option for us, especially with how he played during the IPL this season,” Rashid noted. 

“It was a great experience because of his previous experience. It’s nice to have an extra spinner, like when you require him to be an additional spinner with a suitable condition for our needs. We have a choice.

“Still, he’s studying and learning, even though it’s beginning. As he continues to play and the more he plays, the better he becomes more proficient. 

In Afghanistan, this is a significant plus factor to have him on the team as a backup. Noor has been improving and is learning every day. He will undoubtedly become a star in the future of Afghanistan cricket.

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