Namibia vs Oman 3rd Match T20 Worldcup 2024 Highlights

NAM vs Oman 3rd Match T20 Worldcup 2024 Highlights | NAM won the match in super over. Oman scores 109 runs in 20 overs. While Namibia also scored 109/5 runs in 20 overs and the game Tied. Both teams played super over. NAM made 21 runs in a super over but Oman scored only 10 in a super over and lose one wicket.

Namibia won a thrilling T20 World Cup match against Oman by excelling in the Super Over. The game ended in a tie with both teams scoring 109 runs. David Wiese starred for Namibia, hitting 21 runs in the Super Over and then successfully defending that total.

Oman managed only 10 runs in their Super Over attempt. This victory marked a dramatic start for Namibia in the tournament.

The match was intense with several ups and downs. Ruben Trumpelmann gave Namibia a strong start by taking early wickets. Despite a challenging pitch, Jan Frylinck’s crucial 45 runs helped Namibia to reach Oman’s total.

Oman fought back, with Mehran Khan nearly securing a win for them by taking key wickets in the final overs. However, Wiese’s all-round performance ultimately sealed the victory for Namibia.

Oman Inning Highlights

  • 0.1 Over: Wicket – Kashyap Prajapati lbw b Trumpelmann 0 (1 ball), Oman 0/1
  • 0.2 Over: Wicket – Aqib Ilyas lbw b Trumpelmann 0 (1 ball), Oman 0/2
  • 1.1 Over: Four – Naseem Khushi hits Wiese for 4 runs, Oman 7/2
  • 2.3 Over: Wicket – Naseem Khushi c Erasmus b Trumpelmann 6 (6 balls), Oman 10/3
  • 3.3 Over: Four – Zeeshan Maqsood hits Lungameni for 4 runs, Oman 16/3
  • 4.4 Over: Four – Zeeshan Maqsood hits Trumpelmann for 4 runs, Oman 25/3
  • 4.6 Over: Four – Zeeshan Maqsood hits Trumpelmann for 4 runs, Oman 29/3
  • 5.5 Over: Four – Zeeshan Maqsood hits Wiese for 4 runs, Oman 36/3
  • 6.3 Over: Wicket – Zeeshan Maqsood lbw b Scholtz 22 (20 balls), Oman 37/4
  • 8.5 Over: Six – Ayaan Khan hits Scholtz for 6 runs, Oman 52/4
  • 9.1 Over: Four – Khalid Kail hits Erasmus for 4 runs, Oman 56/4
  • 11.6 Over: Wicket – Ayaan Khan c Frylinck b Erasmus 15 (21 balls), Oman 68/5
  • 15.1 Over: Wicket – Mohammad Nadeem lbw b Erasmus 6 (10 balls), Oman 78/6
  • 16.4 Over: Four – Mehran Khan hits Lungameni for 4 runs, Oman 89/6
  • 17.1 Over: Six – Khalid Kail hits Wiese for 6 runs, Oman 95/6
  • 17.2 Over: Wicket – Khalid Kail c & b Wiese 34 (39 balls), Oman 95/7
  • 17.4 Over: Wicket – Mehran Khan lbw b Wiese 7 (8 balls), Oman 96/8
  • 18.3 Over: Wicket – Kaleemullah lbw b Trumpelmann 2 (3 balls), Oman 99/9
  • 19.1 Over: Four – Shakeel Ahmed hits Wiese for 4 runs, Oman 105/9
  • 19.3 Over: Four – Shakeel Ahmed hits Wiese for 4 runs, Oman 109/9
  • 19.4 Over: Wicket – Shakeel Ahmed c Trumpelmann b Wiese 11 (9 balls), Oman all out for 109

NAM Inning Highlights

  • 0.2: Wicket – Bilal Khan to van Lingen, OUT. Pitched up around off, van Lingen tries to drive but the ball takes the inside edge and rattles his stumps. Michael van Lingen b Bilal Khan 0 (2b) Namibia 0/1
  • 0.3: Four – Bilal Khan to Frylinck, FOUR. Back of a length ball hooked towards fine leg for four. Namibia 4/1
  • 1.3: Four – Shakeel to Davin, FOUR. Full ball outside off, Davin cuts and gets it past the fielder diving at backward point. Namibia 8/1
  • 4.1: Four – Shakeel to Frylinck, FOUR. Fullish ball sits up nicely for Frylinck, who clatters it through the off side for a boundary. Namibia 19/1
  • 4.5: Four – Shakeel to Davin, FOUR. Half-tracker on middle, Davin rocks back and connects with a pull shot in front of square. Namibia 24/1
  • 5.5: Four – Kaleemullah to Frylinck, FOUR. Good length ball around off, Frylinck swings across the line, pulling over midwicket. Namibia 32/1
  • 8.2: Six – Aqib to Davin, SIX. Tossed up with more air, Davin gets low and hammers a six over wide long on. Namibia 42/1
  • 8.3: Wicket – Aqib to Davin, OUT. Davin tries to hit the bowler straight down again but mis-hits to long off. Nikolaas Davin c Mohammad Nadeem b Aqib Ilyas 24 (31b) Namibia 42/2
  • 11.6: Four – Maqsood to Erasmus, FOUR. Good length ball around off, Erasmus plays a late cut fine enough to beat short third. Namibia 59/2
  • 13.2: Four – Aqib to Frylinck, FOUR. Full outside off, Frylinck comes down the track and lifts it over cover. Namibia 71/2
  • 14.3: Wicket – Ayaan Khan to Erasmus, OUT. Length ball outside off, Erasmus tries an aggressive shot over long on but is caught in the deep. Gerhard Erasmus c Zeeshan Maqsood b Ayaan Khan 13 (16b) Namibia 73/3
  • 14.5: Four – Ayaan Khan to Frylinck, FOUR. Full ball around off, Frylinck sweeps it to fine leg. Namibia 78/3
  • 15.2: Four – Shakeel to Frylinck, FOUR. Full on the stumps, Frylinck sweeps to deep backward square leg. Namibia 83/3
  • 16.3: Four – Bilal Khan to Smit, FOUR. Fullish ball swinging away, Smit slaps it through the off side past deep point. Namibia 89/3
  • 17.1: Four Byes – Mehran Khan to Smit, 4 byes. Good length ball outside off, extra bounce forces an edge off the bat, flying past the keeper. Namibia 96/3
  • 17.3: Wicket – Mehran Khan to Smit, OUT. Variable bounce, Smit tries to club Mehran for a big shot but is caught at long on. JJ Smit c Ayaan Khan b Mehran Khan 8 (12b) Namibia 96/4
  • 18.3: Six – Bilal Khan to Wiese, SIX. Length ball around leg stump, Wiese clears the boundary with a big shot. Namibia 103/4
  • 19.1: Wicket – Mehran Khan to Frylinck, OUT. Full ball on middle and leg, Frylinck tries to clip leg side but it hits his pad and ricochets onto the stumps. Jan Frylinck b Mehran Khan 45 (48b) Namibia 105/5
  • 19.3: Wicket – Mehran Khan to Green, OUT. Full ball on off stump, Green tries a leg-side scoop but is given out LBW on review. Zane Green lbw b Mehran Khan 0 (2b) Namibia 105/6
  • Final Over: Five needed off four balls! Match Tied at NAM scores 109 runs.

Match Details


ICC Mens T20 World Cup 2024


NAM vs OMAN, 3rd Match, Group B


Monday, June 03, 2024


02:30 PM GMT


Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados


Namibia won the toss and opted to bowl


Match tied (Namibia won the super-over)

Some Interesting Facts

Head-to-Head Wins0204
Last 5 matches StatusLWWWWWWLLW

Teams Squad

Namibia Playing XI:

Michael van Lingen, Nikolaas Davin, Jan Frylinck, Gerhard Erasmus (c), Malan Kruger, JJ Smit, David Wiese, Zane Green (wk), Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz, Tangeni Lungameni

  • Bench: JP Kotze, Ben Shikongo, Dylan Leicher, Peter-Daniel Blignaut, Jack Brassell

Oman Playing XI:

Kashyap Prajapati, Naseem Khushi (wk), Aqib Ilyas (c), Zeeshan Maqsood, Khalid Kail, Ayaan Khan, Mohammad Nadeem, Mehran Khan, Shakeel Ahmed, Kaleemullah, Bilal Khan

  • Bench: Pratik Athavale, Rafiullah, Shoaib Khan, Fayyaz Butt