India vs Ireland 8th Match T20 Worldcup 2024 Highlights

India vs Ireland 8th Match T20 Worldcup 2024 Highlights

India beat Ireland by 8 wickets in its 1st T20 World Cup 2024 match. India won the toss and decided to bowl first. Ireland’s team did not stay in front of the strong bowling lineup of India. They were all out in 16 overs and scored only 96 runs.

Indian team easily chased this total of 96 runs in 12.2 overs with the loss of two wickets. Jasprit Bumrah and Rohit Sharma are the star player of the match. Jasprit Bumrah gave 6 runs in only 2 overs and took two wickets. And become the man of the match. Rohit plays a crusher role in chasing this target. He scored fifty runs and got retired hut after hitting the ball on his elbow.

Ireland Inning Highlights

1.5: Siraj to Balbirnie, FOUR runs
Off the glove and just past Pant down the leg side. Not where he intended, but Ireland will take the welcome boundary.
Ireland 7/0

2.1: Arshdeep Singh to Stirling, OUT
Stirling heaves a length ball but gets a leading edge. Pant takes a high swirler nicely.
Paul Stirling c †Pant b Arshdeep Singh 2 (6b)
Ireland 7/1

2.6: Arshdeep Singh to Balbirnie, OUT
Arshdeep cleans up Balbirnie with a ball that nips away, crashing into the stumps.
Andy Balbirnie b Arshdeep Singh 5 (10b)
Ireland 9/2

3.4: Siraj to Tucker, FOUR runs
Tucker walks across and scoops the ball over Pant for a boundary.
Ireland 13/2

4.2: Arshdeep Singh to Tector, 5 wides
A big inswinger that ends up way down, past Pant.
Ireland 18/2

4.6: Arshdeep Singh to Tucker, FOUR runs
Short and wide, Tucker thumps it through the covers.
Ireland 28/3

6.5: Hardik to Tucker, OUT
Hardik goes full on off, the ball nips back in and beats Tucker, hitting the middle stump.
Lorcan Tucker b Pandya 10 (13b)
Ireland 28/3

6.6: Hardik to Campher, FOUR runs
Picked away into the gap at square leg. Timed wonderfully.
Ireland 32/3

7.6: Bumrah to Tector, OUT
A rip-roaring bouncer surprises Tector, who gloves it to the fielder off the deflection.
Harry Tector c Kohli b Bumrah 4 (16b)
Ireland 36/4

8.1: Hardik to Campher, SIX runs
Clobbered over long-on! Clean strike down the ground.
Ireland 42/4

8.6: Hardik to Campher, OUT
A thin edge taken as Campher flirts with a harmless length ball outside off.
Curtis Campher c †Pant b Pandya 12 (8b)
Ireland 44/5

9.4: Siraj to Dockrell, OUT
Dockrell gets a top-edge on a short ball, and Bumrah takes a comfortable catch.
George Dockrell c Bumrah b Mohammed Siraj 3 (5b)
Ireland 46/6

10.1: Hardik to Adair, OUT
Adair backs away to manufacture a shot but hits it straight to Dube.
Mark Adair c Dube b Pandya 3 (2b)
Ireland 49/7

11.2: Axar Patel to McCarthy, OUT
McCarthy gets a leading edge, and Axar takes a superb one-handed catch.
Barry McCarthy c & b Patel 0 (6b)
Ireland 50/8

12.1: Hardik to Delany, SIX runs
Heaved over the ropes at deep square! Premeditated and effective.
Ireland 58/8

12.3: Hardik to Little, FOUR runs
Slapped back past mid-on, making a thumping sound.
Ireland 63/8

13.2: Jadeja to Little, FOUR runs
Reverse sweep, excellent connection beating point.
Ireland 70/8

14.1: Bumrah to Little, 4 leg byes
Deflects off the pad and beats Pant for four leg byes.
Ireland 77/8

14.2: Bumrah to Little, OUT
A ripper of a yorker angled into the middle of the stumps.
Josh Little b Bumrah 14 (13b)
Ireland 77/9

15.1: Arshdeep Singh to Delany, FOUR runs
Slapped over mid-off, clean connection.
Ireland 83/9

15.3: Arshdeep Singh to Delany, SIX runs
Belted over the deep square leg ropes, way over the ropes.
Ireland 89/9

15.4: Arshdeep Singh to Delany, FOUR runs
Spins away over short third, dribbling over the fielder’s head.
Ireland 93/9

15.6: Arshdeep Singh to White, 1 run, OUT
White wanted to come back for the second, but the throw was perfect.
Gareth Delany run out (Mohammed Siraj/†Pant) 26 (14b)
Ireland 96/10

India Inning Highlights

  • 0.6
  • Adair to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs
    Edged through Balbirnie at second slip. Sharp chance, but Balbirnie couldn’t react in time.
    India: 7/0
    Rohit Sharma: 6* (6b, 1×4)
  • 1.5
  • Little to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs
    Full, wide of off, edged past the stumps for four.
    India: 16/0
    Rohit Sharma: 12* (10b, 2×4)
  • 1.6
  • Little to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs
    Rifled down the ground, first six of the innings.
    India: 22/0
    Rohit Sharma: 18* (11b, 2×4, 1×6)
  • 2.4
  • Adair to Kohli, OUT
    Hacked straight to deep third, comfortable catch by White.
    Virat Kohli: 1 (5b)
    India: 22/1
  • 2.6
  • Adair to Pant, FOUR runs
    Full and chipped back past the bowler.
    India: 26/1
    Rishabh Pant: 4* (2b, 1×4)
  • 5.5
  • Little to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs
    Eased over backward point, showing some touch.
    India: 39/1
    Rohit Sharma: 27* (21b, 3×4, 1×6)
  • 7.5
  • McCarthy to Pant, FOUR runs
    Muscled down the ground, not timed well but enough for four.
    India: 52/1
    Rishabh Pant: 17* (15b, 2×4)
  • 8.3
  • Little to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs
    Swung high over deep backward square leg.
    India: 58/1
    Rohit Sharma: 36* (30b, 3×4, 2×6)
  • 8.4
  • Little to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs
    Swivels and hits this flatter and harder into the stands.
    India: 64/1
    Rohit Sharma: 42* (31b, 3×4, 3×6)
  • 9.5
  • Adair to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs
    Full toss, driven through midwicket for a boundary, bringing up Rohit’s 50.
    India: 74/1
    Rohit Sharma: 50* (36b, 4×4, 3×6)
  • 9.6
  • Adair to Rohit Sharma, 2 runs
    Hacked over the leg side, lands safely for a couple.
    Rohit Sharma retires hurt on 52 (37b, 4×4, 3×6)
    India: 76/1
  • 10.3
  • Little to Pant, SIX runs
    Short delivery, flat pull over deep midwicket.
    India: 83/1
    Rishabh Pant: 24* (21b, 2×4, 1×6)
  • 11.2
  • White to Pant, FOUR runs
    Swipes over cover, stepping down and clearing the ring.
    India: 90/1
    Rishabh Pant: 29* (23b, 3×4, 1×6)
  • 11.4
  • White to Suryakumar Yadav, OUT
    Slog-sweep, caught by Dockrell at deep midwicket.
    Suryakumar Yadav: 2 (4b)
    India: 91/2
  • 12.2
  • McCarthy to Pant, SIX runs
    Reverse-scooped for six, a flamboyant shot by Pant.
    India: 97/2
    Rishabh Pant: 36* (26b, 3×4, 2×6)

Match Details


ICC Mens T20 World Cup 2024


IND vs IRE, 8th Match, Group A


Wednesday, June 05, 2024


02:30 PM GMT


Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York


India won the toss and opt to bowl


India won by 8 wickets

Some Interesting Facts

Head-to-Head Wins070
Last 5 matches StatusWWWWLWWWLL

Teams Squad

Ireland Playing XI:

Paul Stirling (c), Andrew Balbirnie, Lorcan Tucker (wk), Harry Tector, Curtis Campher, George Dockrell, Gareth Delany, Mark Adair, Barry McCarthy, Joshua Little, Benjamin White

  • Bench: Ross Adair, Craig Young, Neil Rock, Graham Hume

Oman Playing XI:

Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj

  • Bench: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sanju Samson