India vs Afghanistan 43rd Match T20 World Cup 2024 Highlights

India vs Afghanistan 43rd Match T20 World Cup 2024 Highlights, IND vs AFG 43rd match T20 World Cup 2024 highlights.

India vs Afghanistan 43rd Match T20 World Cup 2024 Highlights

India defeated Afghanistan by 47 runs. Suryakumar Yadav is the player of the match. He scores 53 runs in 28 balls. And helps India to set a high total.

India won the toss and decided to bat first. By doing first batting India scores 180 runs by loss of 8 wickets in 20 overs. In return, Afghanistan scores only 134 runs in 20 overs.

IND vs AFG 43rd match T20 World Cup 2024 Video highlights

IND vs AFG 43rd match T20 World Cup 2024 highlights

India Innings Highlights

  • 1st Over: Fazalhaq Farooqi’s first over to Rohit Sharma yielded 5 runs, including one boundary and a single, with three dot balls in between.
    • End of the Over: IND: 5/0.
  • 2nd Over: M Nabi bowls a tight over, conceding only 3 runs and a leg bye, with a couple of dot balls.
    • End of the Over: IND: 8/0, CRR: 4.00.
  • 3rd Over: Fazalhaq Farooqi dismissed Rohit Sharma for 8, and after a few wides and singles, Rishabh Pant came in and hit a boundary off a delivery down the leg side.
    • End of the Over: IND: 16/1, CRR: 5.33.
  • 4th Over: Kohli and Pant added 9 runs off M Nabi’s over through singles, doubles, and a three, with some aggressive shots and quick running between the wickets.
    • End of the Over: IND: 25/1, CRR: 6.25 
  • 5th Over: Naveen-ul-Haq bowls a mix of slower balls and short deliveries to Virat Kohli, who responds with defensive plays, a six down the ground, and a couple of singles, showcasing varied shot selection.
    • End of the Over: IND: 34/1, CRR: 6.80.
  • 6th Over: Pant scores three consecutive boundaries off Nabi, including a misjudged catch by Naveen, while Kohli takes a single and Pant survives a direct hit.
    • End of the Over: IND: 47/1, CRR: 7.83.
  • 7th Over: Rashid Khan dismisses Rishabh Pant for 20 as Pant’s reverse-sweep attempt results in an LBW decision confirmed by ball tracking. In the same over, Rashid also concedes a few runs, including four leg byes from a deflected sweep and singles from Virat Kohli.
    • End of the Over: IND: 54/2, CRR: 7.71.
  • 8th Over: Noor Ahmad concedes 6 runs in the 8th over, including a wide, with singles taken by Kohli and Suryakumar, and one dot ball.
    • End of the Over: IND: 60/2, CRR: 7.50.
  • 9th Over: Rashid Khan’s over saw Virat Kohli getting out after scoring 24, Suryakumar Yadav hitting a boundary with a sweep shot, and Shivam Dube scoring a single run and defending one ball.
    • End of the Over: IND: 67/3, CRR: 7.44.
  • 10th Over:  Noor Ahmad conceded 12 runs, including a six by Dube, with singles and doubles taken off the remaining deliveries, and one dot ball.
    • End of the Over: IND: 79/3, CRR: 7.90 
  • 11th Over: Rashid Khan’s over saw him bowl a mix of deliveries with varying speeds and lengths. He claimed a wicket, trapping Shivam Dube LBW for 10 runs, and conceded runs to Suryakumar Yadav, who hit a four and a six. Hardik Pandya defended a delivery to end the over.
    • End of the Over: IND: 90/4, CRR: 8.18.
  • 12th Over: Naveen-ul-Haq bowled the 12th over with Hardik Pandya and Suryakumar Yadav at the crease. The over included a four by Hardik and five singles, with a referral checking if Suryakumar Yadav was out backing up, which was not out.
    • End of the Over: IND: 98/4, CRR: 8.16.
  • 13th Over: Azmatullah’s over saw India targeting him with Suryakumar scoring two fours, a two, and a single, while Hardik missed a drive but managed a single.
    • End of the Over: IND: 110/4, CRR: 8.46.
  • 14th Over: Rashid Khan’s over: Hardik Pandya cuts a loose delivery for four, followed by four dot balls, and Suryakumar Yadav takes a single to start the over.
    • End of the Over: IND: 115/4, CRR: 8.21.
  • 15th Over: Azmatullah bowls to Hardik for 1 run and delivers a wide resulting in 2 extra runs after a fumble by the keeper. Earlier, Suryakumar hit a six off Azmatullah’s delivery, followed by singles and dot balls from both batsmen.
    • End of the Over: IND: 126/4, CRR: 8.40.
  • 16th Over: Hardik Pandya displayed impressive batting with a six and a four off Noor Ahmad’s bowling, showcasing his vintage style. Suryakumar Yadav contributed with a single, while another delivery resulted in no run, as the bowlers kept a tight line and length.
    • End of the Over: IND: 138/4, CRR: 8.62.
  • 17th Over: Suryakumar Yadav was dismissed by Fazalhaq Farooqi after a brilliant innings of 53 from 28 balls, featuring 5 fours and 3 sixes, with a strike rate of 189.28. His dismissal came two balls after hitting a six, trying to replicate the shot but only managing to toe-end it to Mohammad Nabi at long-off.
    • End of the Over: IND: 150/5, CRR: 8.82.
  • 18th Over: Naveen-ul-Haq dismisses Hardik Pandya for 32 runs after a wide ball is hit to the sweeper, following a sequence that included a six, a wide, and a no run, concluding with a single by Jadeja.
    • End of the Over: IND: 159/6, CRR: 8.83.
  • 19th Over: Fazalhaq Farooqi bowled to Jadeja and Arshdeep Singh. Jadeja hit a four and scored two runs but was eventually dismissed for 7 runs, caught by Gulbadin Naib. Arshdeep managed a couple of runs and a dot ball.
    • End of the Over: IND: 167/7, CRR: 8.78.
  • 20th Over: Naveen-ul-Haq’s 19th over included a mix of wides, dot balls, and boundaries, with Axar Patel scoring 12 runs off 6 balls before being run out by Naveen after a miscommunication with keeper Rahmanullah Gurbaz.
    • End of the Over: IND: 181/8, CRR: 9.05.

Afghanistan Innings Highlights

  • 1st Over: Arshdeep Singh’s over to Gurbaz included a mix of deliveries with two wides, three dot balls, a single, a four, and a six. Bumrah’s fielding at short third saved three runs.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 13/0, CRR: 13.00 • RRR: 8.89 • Need 169 runs from 114b
  • 2nd Over: Bumrah’s over yielded just one run and a crucial wicket, dismissing the dangerous Gurbaz with a well-disguised off-cutter.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 14/1, CRR: 7.00 • RRR: 9.33 • Need 168 runs from 108b
  • 3rd Over: In Arshdeep Singh’s over, he conceded nine runs including a boundary, a dropped catch, and five singles.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 23/1, CRR: 7.66 • RRR: 9.35 • Need 159 runs from 102b
  • 4th Over: Axar Patel starts with a maiden over, taking the crucial wicket of Ibrahim Zadran, who is caught by Rohit Sharma at extra cover after being pressured by dot balls.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 23/2, CRR: 5.75 • RRR: 9.93 • Need 159 runs from 96b
  • 5th Over: Bumrah’s over: Starts with a wicket as Zazai edges to point, then bowls five deliveries to Azmatullah, who defends solidly except for a thick edge for four between keeper and slip.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 27/3, CRR: 5.40 • RRR: 10.33 • Need 155 runs from 90b
  • 6th Over: Axar Patel’s over against Gulbadin and Azmatullah: Gulbadin hits a six off the last ball, while the rest of the over includes a single by Azmatullah, a single by Gulbadin, and three dot balls.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 35/3, CRR: 5.83 • RRR: 10.50 • Need 147 runs from 84b
  • 7th Over: Hardik bowls a tight over with no runs conceded to Gulbadin, using slower short balls and good length deliveries, while Azmatullah scores a four and a single off the first two balls.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 40/3, CRR: 5.71 • RRR: 10.92 • Need 142 runs from 78b
  • 8th Over: Axar Patel bowled an over where he conceded 7 runs, including a three, two singles, and a double, with two dot balls.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 47/3, CRR: 5.87 • RRR: 11.25 • Need 135 runs from 72b
  • 9th Over: Kuldeep Yadav concedes 10 runs, including a no-ball, a four by Gulbadin, and singles; notable moments include a free hit due to the no-ball.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 57/3, CRR: 6.33 • RRR: 11.36 • Need 125 runs from 66b
  • 10th Over:  Jadeja’s over included a big six from Azmatullah, followed by three singles and two dot balls, ending with drinks.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 66/3, CRR: 6.60 • RRR: 11.60 • Need 116 runs from 60b
  • 11th Over: Kuldeep Yadav’s over included a wicket, a leg bye for four runs, three dot balls, and a single, with Zadran struggling to score while Naib was caught out by Pant.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 71/4, CRR: 6.45 • RRR: 12.33 • Need 111 runs from 54b
  • 12th Over: adeja’s over saw the wicket of Azmatullah Omarzai, followed by singles taken by Zadran and Nabi, with Afghanistan struggling to maintain their innings and considering playing to control their NRR damage.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 75/5, CRR: 6.25 • RRR: 13.37 • Need 107 runs from 48b
  • 13th Over: Kuldeep Yadav’s over included a six by Najibullah Zadran, a wide, and a couple of singles, with excellent fielding by Axar Patel preventing additional runs.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 84/5, CRR: 6.46 • RRR: 14.00 • Need 98 runs from 42b
  • 14th Over: Jadeja’s over conceded five singles and one double, with most deliveries being worked into gaps or cut away to fielders, maintaining a steady flow of runs without boundaries.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 91/5, CRR: 6.50 • RRR: 15.16 • Need 91 runs from 36b
  • 15th Over: Hardik Pandya’s over included a mix of deliveries: a low full toss, a back-of-length ball, leg byes, a wide yorker, a six over square leg, and a bouncer that came off the helmet. The over concluded with careful field placement and an unsuccessful LBW review by India.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 101/5, CRR: 6.73 • RRR: 16.20 • Need 81 runs from 30b
  • 16th Over: Bumrah’s 15th over was eventful: it started with a single, followed by a wicket of Zadran caught by Arshdeep, a boundary of byes, two dot balls, and ended with a single, conceding 6 runs and taking 1 wicket.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 107/6, CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 18.75 • Need 75 runs from 24b
  • 17th Over: Kuldeep Yadav bowled the 17th over, taking the wicket of Mohammad Nabi while conceding 12 runs, including a six and a four.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 119/7, CRR: 7.00 • RRR: 21.00 • Need 63 runs from 18b
  • 18th Over: Arshdeep Singh’s over featured two consecutive wickets: Rashid Khan caught at deep third and Naveen-ul-Haq caught behind, followed by a four for Fazalhaq Farooqi from an edge. Noor Ahmad managed only a single run and two dots.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 125/9, CRR: 6.94 • RRR: 28.50 • Need 57 runs from 12b
  • 19th Over: Bumrah’s penultimate over was economical, conceding just one leg bye and no runs off the bat from Noor Ahmad, who struggled to score against Bumrah’s varied deliveries.
    • End of the Over: AFG: 126/9, CRR: 6.63 • RRR: 56.00 • Need 56 runs from 6b
  • 20th Over: Arshdeep Singh secures India’s 47-run victory by dismissing Noor Ahmad on the final ball, after a series of wides and dot balls, with Ahmad’s lone six being the only highlight.
    • End of the Over: AFG 134 (20), India won by 47 runs.

Match Details


ICC Mens T20 World Cup 2024


AFG vs IND, 43rd Match, Super 8 Group 1


Thursday, June 20, 2024


02:30 PM GMT


Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados


India won the toss and opt to bat


India won by 47 runs.

Some Interesting Facts

Head-to-Head Wins070
Last 5 matches StatusWWWWWLWWWW

Teams Squad

Afghanistan Playing XI:

Rahmanullah Gurbaz (wk), Ibrahim Zadran, Hazratullah Zazai, Gulbadin Naib, Najibullah Zadran, Azmatullah Omarzai, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan (c), Noor Ahmad, Naveen-ul-Haq, Fazalhaq Farooqi

  • Bench: Karim Janat, Fareed Ahmad Malik, Mohammad Ishaq, Nangeyalia Kharote

India Playing XI:

  • Bench: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Sanju Samson, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Siraj