Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan may face each other in three matches

Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan may face each other in three matches.

After months of conflict between the respective cricket boards of India and Pakistan, The eagerly awaited final schedule for the Asia Cup has been revealed. 

Pakistan can keep the right to host the prestigious event. However, they’ll only be hosting one of the thirteen games. It will also feature powerful teams like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, creating a fierce arena for this ODI tournament.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) put in a great effort to keep four cricket matches from being moved out of the country. They also advocated the idea of a hybrid model for hosting. Following the BCCI’s stand in October of this year regarding playing in Pakistan as a host country, the PCB has seen three shifts in its leadership. Each one put forth slightly different strategies in discussions.

The Asia Cup is set to commence on the 30th of August, when the match will be played against Pakistan with Nepal at Multan. In addition, three games are scheduled in Lahore, including an exciting Pakistan Super 4 encounter on Sept. 6.

Sri Lanka will play the remaining matches, with three being played in Kandy and six in Colombo. The event will end with the final game on the 17th of September.

The much-anticipated India-Pakistan match is a round-robin game that will be played in Kandy on the 2nd of September. The fans can also expect an opportunity to play again at the Super 4 stage, scheduled on the 10th of September in Colombo.

The September 10 match will be between the two top teams in Group A, which means India and Pakistan could play each other in the game, given that Nepal is third in the group. For the final, scheduled for 17 September, the match will be played by the two top teams of that Super Four stage. 

If India and Pakistan secure the highest positions in the Super Four, they can meet for the third time during this tournament. It will take place in Colombo.

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